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PHT is now offering access to a massage therapist for our clients. The Massage Con-nection, a division of Healing Hands Mobile Massage, is available for special events, such as conventions, music festivals, block parties, birthday parties, reunions, customer/employee appreciation days. Do you own a business? Include monthly or bi-weekly chair massages as part of your wellness plan. This is ideal for construction workers to relieve tension in their backs with the continual heavy lifting they do. Or office workers sitting at a computer whose lower back and wrists hurt. We can help manage pain and fatigue, and in many cases resolve issues causing restricted motion and productivity. Chair massage is also ideal for special/social services, both staff and clients, in an especially stressful environment.

Tim Warburton is a licensed and insured massage therapist. Contact The Massage Con-nection for more details and pricing. 

In House Massage Therapist

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