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Ed Tyll

Ed Tyll is an award winning Comedian and Radio Talk Host.

Known for his hilarious rants and commentary over the years on WABC New York, KLSX FM Los Angeles, WKRK FM Detroit and WTKS FM Orlando, Tyll breaks away from the predictable fare on most talk shows. Ed Tyll is a storyteller with laugh out loud jokes that compel, entertain and engage audiences. He headlines a stand up comedy show road show, and often appears on network TV on FOX and CNN.

Called a “shock jock” by Hollywood’s VARIETY, and honored in Talkers Magazine Heavy Hundred Hosts recognition by plunging headlong into the hilarious issues as he delights listeners daily.

No one from his old neighborhood in the Bronx, New York is surprised to see this gregarious only child of working class parents gathering a crowd for big laughs on the air, on stage or live location around town. 

Driven by his passion to entertain, Ed Tyll is one of a kind.

Hear him on Delaware 105.9 FM, Weekdays, 12 noon to 3 pm.

For more information and to listen in on the show go to

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