CBD Oil Q & A 

Is Hemp oil and Marijuana oil the same thing?

No. All marijuana is hemp, but not all hemp is marijuana. The hemp oil used to make CBD Thera is high in the cannabinoids that countless patients have found to provide relief yet does NOT have THC, the psychoactive component of marijuana, in quantities greater than .3%.

Is CBD Thera addictive? Can it be abused?

No.  The World Health Organization recently recognized no abuse potential for CBD.  Click here to read the article about CBD oil

Is CBD oil legal?

Is CBD oil legal? in the United States, yes of course

Is CBD oil legal to have with me on a plane? We would recommend consulting with the airline you’re flying with to check their carry on requirements. Is CBD oil legal to bring with me to other countries? You can travel outside of the US with CBD oil, but you will need to check with the country(s) you are traveling to in order to see if it is legal to bring it into the country.

How much do I take and how often?

We recommend discussing dosing with your primary care physician. Most adults start with about a 1/4 a dropper, or 5-10 drops, two to three times a day and increase or decrease depending on the response.

Can I take CBD Thera with food?

Yes, you can take CBD Thera with food.

How long can I store a bottle of CBD Thera?

At room temperature, out of direct sunlight, CBD Thera’s shelf life is approximately one year.

What side effects can I expect from CBD Thera?

To date we are not aware of any side effects that are attributable to CBD Thera.

Why do I need to put it under my tongue?

Sublingual administration, or “under the tongue” is a way for the cannabinoids to get into your system sooner than the digestive track. Holding CBD Thera under your tongue for 10 seconds before swallowing may accelerate relief.

Has CBD Thera been used successfully for any particular conditions?

CBD Thera is not a pharmaceutical product and therefore cannot be “indicated” for any particular condition. CBD Thera is considered a food additive by the FDA and thus cannot make any particular claims. We do, however, suggest you watch the wealth of videos on YouTube, Facebook, and other media to learn how people have individually benefited from CBD oil.

Can my household pet benefit from CBD Thera?

Yes. Many animals have appeared to find relief with CBD Thera. A growing contingent of animal physical therapists and veterinarians find CBD oil a helpful tool when treating pets.

How does CBD Thera compare to other CBD oils on the market?

CBD Thera is the leader in CBD oil in the United States because we quality control the raw product, production, bottling and distribution. Unlike many late to market competitors, we quality control every step.

Should I refrigerate CBD Thera?

Refrigerating CBD Thera is not suggested.

We are authorized distributors of CBD Thera. You can purchase directly from their website at https://cbdthera.com/?wpam_id=60 or you can take advantage of our special by ordering directly from us. 
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