How is your quilt made? 

Once we receive your t-shirts we will carefully cut the t-shirts to the proper size for your quilt. We will then sew them together in order ( If you would like to see the layout before it is sewn together please send us a little note in with your t-shirts, if you would like them in a certain order please let us know the order). Once the T-shirts are sewn together in rows they will be sewn onto the color fleece you chose when ordering. 

Ordering is done in 5 easy steps!

Step 1 ) Go through all of those T-Shirts you are planning on tossing out and pick out your favorites that you would like to see in your quilt (See how many T-Shirts does it take). Don't fret if you don't have enough images we can always use the solid colors to fill in the spaces. 

Step 2 ) Order your T-Shirt through our easy ordering, pick our your backing color fleece - if the color you are looking for is not listed please contact us and see if we can get the exact color you want. 

Step 3 ) Check your email for detailed instructions to send your T-Shirts to us. Please make sure the are clean and the full T-Shirts are there. (the more material we have to work with the better for your quilt) 

Step 4) Send us your T-Shirts. 

Step 5 ) Give us 2 weeks to get your quilt back to you. 

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